The History of New Hope The Vision Center

On January 26, 1997 New Hope M. B. Church: The Vision Center was established and opened its doors on February 9, 1997 with over 300 in attendance. Over 1100 members were added to the ministry by the end of New Hope’s first year in existence. The old white wood frame building was originally built by Mr. Tullie Seale in 1949. It housed other churches and businesses as well as the Thomas Jefferson School, which is now the Adams County Christian School. Due to tremendous growth, in 1998 Bishop Searcy, being the visionary that he is, led the church to purchase 25 acres of land adjacent to the church for the building of a new facility. Bishop Searcy, believing in being faithful over that which God has already blessed him with, led the church in renovating the existing sanctuary before beginning the new. Renovation started and ended in 1998 and the process for the new facility started. To accommodate the growing membership in 1998 the church moved to two services. On November 8, 1998 New Hope began broadcasting its service live from the church on WTYJ 97.7. On August 24, 1999 the church purchased two continental buses, which have allowed us to travel across the country to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By faith ground breaking took place on September 14, 1999 for the new facility. New Hope has an established network of churches here in the United States, India, and Africa, called the International Kingdom Covenant Churches, otherwise known as IKCC. Bishop’s work was recognized on a national level and a group of national and international pastors of The International Communion of Charismatic Churches, ordained him as Bishop. In April 2001 Bishop Searcy led the church’s first missionary trip to India, and established the first New Hope Church there and ordained 4 pastors. On May 16, 2002, the construction for the new sanctuary began and on March 23, 2003 we sanctioned the old facility as the Children’s Church now under the leadership of Pastor Gloria Gray. In 2006, the building of the Gerald Owens Distribution Center was completed along with a fellowship hall. New Hope has many outreach ministries which include the Annual Back 2 School Bash, Angel Food Ministries, Lean on Me Outreach, and many more. Currently, we have just completed our first phase of the Washington Apartment complexes with 10 units on the hill adjacent to the church and this is only the beginning. At this point there are over 1700 members added to the family of New Hope The Vision Center. New Hope’s desire is to spread the truth of the gospel while winning souls for the Kingdom that brings a connection throughout the world.

Our Pastors

Bishop Dr. Stanley B. Searcy

Bishop Searcy established a network of churches here in the United States, India, and Africa, called the International Kingdom Covenant Churches. He was ordained a Bishop by The International Community of Charismatic Churches. He has been licensed in Crisis Counseling, served two years as President of the Ministerial Alliance in Natchez, MS., Has a Doctrine in Theology. He has been a guest on the Word Network as well as TBN. He has been commended by the American Red Cross and United Way along with receiving the key to the city by the Mayor of Natchez for his and the church outstanding service during the Katrina Storm in 2005 in serving over 15,000 people from Texas to Louisiana. He has been award “Most Loved Pastor” by Gospel Today and has been a recipient of “The Man of the Year” award in Natchez. Bishop Searcy is a preaching and a teacher whose heart is toward the community and empowering the people by reaching the total man. As he faithfully serves, Bishop is daily reminded of when Mary the mother of Jesus told the servants at the marriage of Cana, ‘Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.’ (John 2:5) That phrase is the motto for his life, ‘I will do whatever he says, at any cost.’ Bishop Searcy is a loving husband, a proud father of 5 children and 12 grandchildren

Co-Pastor Brenda A. Searcy

Co-Pastor Brenda A. Searcy, a native of Natchez, Mississippi has committed her life to serving others and helping her husband Bishop Stanley B. Searcy, Sr. fulfill the vision God has given him. She is Co-founder and Co-Pastor of New Hope The Vision Center in Natchez, Mississippi and an ordained minister and teacher of the Gospel. She along with her husband began ministry in 1993 through cell groups, going house to house bringing hope and a new beginning to many hurting people. In 1994, after moving back from Mobile, Alabama, they started bible studies in the Natchez, Fayette, and Vicksburg, Mississippi areas. In 1995 until 1998 she aided her husband in hosting the first live radio broadcast called, ‘A Voice Crying in the Wilderness’ on WTYJ-97.7 in Natchez, MS. In 1998, Co-Pastor Searcy founded the ministry of Women of Righteous Determination. This ministry is geared toward helping women uphold the standards of righteousness by not only meeting their spiritual needs but their physical needs as well. She realizes that in this day there has been a major decline in righteousness and morality, but she’s determined to raise the standard once again. She challenges women to live a lifestyle of righteousness in the midst of a low moral society. To those women who are tired of allowing the enemy to trample on the grounds of holiness; Co-Pastor Searcy proposes this question, ‘Are you ready to turn it around?’ She has a vision to establish programs and work with existing curriculums that are committed to transforming the lives of women in the local community, church, and world. The first Women In Transformation. conference was held in February of 1998 with the theme, ‘Arise My Queen!’ and is now held annually on the last week of July, continuing to change and transform the lives a many women around the globe. Co-Pastor Searcy has a determination to serve God with every ounce of strength, and accomplish everything God has assigned her to do. She recognizes the fact that without him, she can do absolutely nothing.